Our first cellar was a small room in which grandpa Dolfo used to store most of agricultural crops, dried meats and kept the wine. With the expansion of vineyards and increased yield, it was necessary to think of new construction. The current underground cellar was built in 1999. It allows us to quickly complete all the phases of work that follow the harvest and to start the maceration and fermentation without exposing grapes and most to oxidation. The cellar is large enough to store the wine at home until its full maturity. The bigger area hosts large stainless steel tanks and some large wooden barrels for the refinement of individual varieties and blends.

The smaller area is designed for oak casks (barriques). Based on experience, we opted for the French barrels and determined for each wine the right proportion between new and once or twice used casks. There is also a special place for our wine archive and an area for maturation of sparkling wines.